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We Have Many People Calling Us About Internet Arrest Articles 

Lately we have been receiving a large number of inquiries from people who have had their Stamford, Darien, Greenwich, Norwalk, Westport, Fairfield and New Canaan criminal cases dismissed but still are finding the old arrest articles are on the internet and causing them problems with job searches and ruining their reputation.   Yes we can help you to get these nasty articles removed and manage the situation.

Technology is constantly changing and the world of media is rapidly moving.  Just a few years ago most arrest reports were published in print in the so called “Police Blotter” section which only a few local people would read who are hungry for gossip and then they would throw away the newspaper and forget about it.   The problem is that with shifts in trends towards the internet and digital media the old fashioned newspaper is quickly becoming unprofitable.

consitution-1-300x185I have had a lot of clients lately who have been arrested after getting involved in various disputes while they were legally carrying handguns. I do represent a lot of clients in weapons crimes cases but these were not weapons cases.  These were normal run of the mill breach of the peace or disorderly conduct cases that got escalated into much more serious charges due to the fact that the victim became aware that my client was carrying a weapon. No, they did not pull the handguns out and point them or brandish them at anyone.  However the fact that the alleged victim(s) were able to ascertain that they were in possession of a handgun was enough for the Police to add additional charges for reckless endangerment based upon the unfounded allegations that my clients were carrying a handgun and brandishing it in the middle of a altercation.

The law on open carry in Connecticut 

All pistol permit holders are entitled in Connecticut to either carry a handgun concealed or open carry.  In addition, you do not have to produce your pistol permit to a Police officer unless you want to if you are open carrying unless the officer has probable cause that a crime has been committed – such as the complaint of a citizen that you are openly carrying a handgun and that is resulting in disorderly conduct.   In 2017 The State Legislature debated a house measure which would have required that gun permit holders carrying a visible pistol or revolver to produce their carry permit at the request of a law enforcement officer.  That bill did not pass.

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