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Stamford-City-Hal-GMB--300x225As everyone knows Governor Lamont shut down all large gatherings on March 20, 2020, in the State of Connecticut.  Accordingly, the Judicial Branch started to close courts and limit functions to only handle essential matters characterized as priority 1 business matters which include domestic violence arraignments, arraignments of people who are locked up overnight for an arraignment and emergency motions.

Stamford and Norwalk Courts are Closed 

The Stamford,  Norwalk, and Bridgeport G.A. criminal courts are both totally closed and all priority 1 matters are being handled at the Judicial District in Fairfield at Bridgeport.  If you are arrested during the COVID-19 emergency for a domestic violence matter give us a call and we will give you advice on the best procedure to handle your arraignment in Bridgeport and we can appear with you.

COVID-19 has brought a lot of economic hardship and suffering to our state.  Many people are out of work and waiting for unemployment checks to arrive that have been delayed for weeks.  I have spoken with may clients who are under financial duress.   Relief is coming for most in the form of the economic stimulus checks from the federal government or $1,200 per person and an additional $500 per child.  In the meantime, Governor Lamont has enacted numerous executive orders to assist the citizens of Connecticut.

Many of my criminal law clients are unaware of Governor Lamont’s executive orders concerning rent relief and how they may affect them.  I wanted to write this blog to summarize some of the recent orders and how they can help people who are struggling to get through the next few weeks until we can start to re-open the economy and people are can get back to work.  I am primarily a Stamford criminal lawyer but I have extensive experience in civil litigation and have even argued some cases in our State Supreme Court. I would be happy to answer any questions that you have concerning your rights as a tenant.  Here is a brief summary of the order and how it affects tenant’s rights.

1. – No Evictions For Non-Payment of Rent until After July 1, 2020

Dometic violence arrests were on the rise in Connecticut even before the COVID-19 crisis.  Since people have been locked in their homes doing social distancing – arrest rates for domestic violence have sky-rocketed.   In this blog, I want to talk a little bit about what is driving this spike in domestic violence arrests and what clients can do to be prepared to get their cases resolved favorably when the Courts re-open after the crisis.

COVID-19 Crisis is Creating a Lot of Family Pressure 

The COVID-19 is putting everyone under emotional and psychological stress.  This stress is effecting some families adversely.

Justia-Post-300x225I hope that everyone is staying healthy and standing strong against this virus.

Previously the judicial branch had closed the Norwalk G.A. #20 courthouse and transferred all matters to the Stamford G.A. #1 court due to COVID-19.  Only priority 1 business matters are being handled – such as domestic violence and in-custody criminal arraignments.  All other cases have been postponed.

Yesterday, due to a COVID-19 exposure to a staff member at G.A. #1, the judicial branch closed the  Stamford G.A. #1 court until further notice for deep cleaning and transferred all matters to the Fairfield Judicial District Court at 1061 Main Street, Bridgeport, CT 06604, which will handle all matters for Fairfield County going forward and remains the only court open in Fairfield County.

We Have Many People Calling Us About Internet Arrest Articles 

Lately we have been receiving a large number of inquiries from people who have had their Stamford, Darien, Greenwich, Norwalk, Westport, Fairfield and New Canaan criminal cases dismissed but still are finding the old arrest articles are on the internet and causing them problems with job searches and ruining their reputation.   Yes we can help you to get these nasty articles removed and manage the situation.

Technology is constantly changing and the world of media is rapidly moving.  Just a few years ago most arrest reports were published in print in the so called “Police Blotter” section which only a few local people would read who are hungry for gossip and then they would throw away the newspaper and forget about it.   The problem is that with shifts in trends towards the internet and digital media the old fashioned newspaper is quickly becoming unprofitable.

I wanted  to have a discussion about the dangers of “date rape” allegations and how they can totally destroy your life.  This recent incident in which a live TV set was the scene of a “date rape” allegation shows us just how difficult it can be to draw the line between a mutually agreed upon sexual encounter on the one hand and a “date rape” in which one party was “too intoxicated” to be able to consent to sexual activity on the other hand.  It is important to realize just how fine that line is, how hard it can be to prove whether someone was overly intoxicated or not and finally realize how serious the consequences for a conviction of a “date rape” crime can be.


I. The Facts  During a recent taping of the 4th season of the very popular scripted virtual reality show “Bachelor in Paradise” being taped in Mexico two of the participants in the show Corrine Olympios and Demario Jackson  got involved in some very heavy PDA and began to engage in a  make out session in a Jacuzzi.

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