COVID-19 Cabin Fever Stress Leading to Domestic Violence Arrests – How to Manage the Situation

We are seeing COVID-19 related domestic violence arrests from clients who are under a lot of stress and pressure and stuck at home in close quarters with each other. In this blog, I am going to examine this situation and give some suggestions on how to manage the problem.

COVID-19 is with us for the foreseeable future. It represents an existential threat to our health. It will likely lead to severe economic disruptions and perhaps the most significant financial crisis of our lifetimes. There is more than enough stress to go around. On top of this, people are getting fired and laid off from work left and right due to the orders to close down our state economies to slow down the transmission of the virus. There are a lot of changes here going on at once and a lot of worrying about external stress factors beyond our control. If you combine all of this stress with people being locked into their homes, it seems inevitable that tensions are going to rise to a boiling point.

Everyone is going through the same stressful situation. While you and your family members may have differing opinions about the level of social distancing needed to protect your family and other important matters, it is essential to resolve any disputes in a calm, peaceful and non-violent manner. If you feel like you are ready to explode because you can’t take the stress, I would suggest that you go out for a long walk and meditate about something else. Perhaps it will be a better time to discuss the issue the following day.

If these simple conflict avoidance suggestions don’t help improve your situation, I would suggest that you seek some expert help. You can run a google search for “anger management counselor near me” and find a counselor offering video services who will accept your health insurance to give you more individualized recommendations. A few counseling sessions may be beneficial at this time. 

The Police are Required to Make a Domestic Violence Arrest 

If the police are called out for a 911 call about a dispute, they are required by law to make a domestic violence arrest if they find probable cause that a crime has occurred. It does not take much to trigger a domestic violence arrest. Slamming a door and yelling can result in an arrest for disorderly conduct. Often victims do not want to press charges, but the police have to make an arrest anyway.  

Our office has already received several calls about COVID-19 related domestic violence arrests, and this crisis is just getting started. It seems that things may get worse in the short term and that the level of stress and anxiety is only going to increase. So our recommendation is to take a few moments to think ahead and avoid a conflict before it escalates into a 911 call, and someone winds up getting arrested.

Parents are Having Difficulties Explaining to Their Teenagers the Seriousness of the Crisis 

One look at the wild spring break activities of the last week in Florida and Georgia beaches demonstrates that our youth are not convinced that this COVID-19 is a serious situation. Many of them have heard initial reports that the virus does not affect young people as harshly as older people. Others lack the experience and judgment to be able to comprehend the magnitude of the crisis that we are facing. Others feel that they are invincible and lack the patience to stay at home and practice social distancing to help break the spread of the virus. 

Our office is hearing reports of families having conflicts where parents are trying to enforce house rules during the COVID-19 crisis. I want to take this time to remind parents that physical punishment such as hitting with belts and the like are illegal and you can be arrested for such forms of corporal punishment. I recommend that you consider other non-violent forms of punishment such as taking away their cars, cellphones, or other privileges to enforce the rules of the home in a peaceful and non-confrontational manner.  

There are Solutions for Domestic Violence Arrests 

While a domestic violence arrest is not pleasant and can be very frightening, it is manageable, and most first-time domestic violence offenders have their cases dismissed. While this is not an opportune moment to be arrested, we are here to guide you through the situation and achieve the most favorable disposition possible. 

There are a few things that you should be aware of concerning domestic violence arrests. Our judicial branch is currently largely shut down until further notice, except for “priority 1 business functions.” Domestic violence arraignments are considered priority 1 business functions and will continue to be heard the next business day as usual. The fact that these arraignments are considered priority 1 business functions is evidence of the seriousness with which our courts treat domestic violence matters. If you have been arrested for a domestic violence matter you speak with an experienced Connecticut domestic violence lawyer before your arraignment. 

During the arraignment, criminal orders of protection will issue that could result in your removal from your home or having no contact with the alleged victim. It is essential to seek legal counsel about the best options to mitigate the consequences of your arrest and develop a plan to get the charges against you dismissed or reduced. 

We Are Here in This Crisis To Serve You 24/7 

If you need someone to talk to about your legal problems, we offer free video consultations. Using just about every available video conferencing platform that you may support, we can deliver on-demand legal services right from the comfort of your home. I hope that everything in your household remains calm and peaceful, but we are here to answer your legal questions if you have any legal problems that are on your mind during this crisis.

Together We Can Make it Through This Crisis! 

One day at a time. Things may seem very stressful, but we are going to get through this crisis. We are trying to help others in our neighborhood who are unable to get out and do the shopping for themselves. It would be great if everyone would pitch in and help someone. Together we can overcome this crisis. If it seems like the stress is too much, take a deep breath and focus on the future ahead.

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