Speeding Ticket Enforcement up Again Post COVID-19 in Connecticut

Lambo--300x225When COVID-19 hit Connecticut first responders were reluctant to make traffic enforcement stops due to possible exposure to COVID-19.   Traffic enforcement is a low priority in law enforcement.  Additionally, the government shut down lead to many people staying at home and a 70% reduction in mobility in our state.   Many have noticed empty roads and have taken advantage of this to drive at very fast speeds.

Nationwide there has been an increase in fatalities in motor vehicle accidents apparently due to the rapid speeds that people are driving.  Also, our state is facing record budget deficits due to COVID-19 so speeding ticket enforcement has once again become a high priority.  While we are freeing convicted criminals from our jails, the police are out in mass giving speeding tickets to otherwise law-abiding citizens.

Police are back out in full force and seem to have lost their fear of interacting with the general public.  With new COVID-19 fears, there is little opportunity to “talk your way out of a ticket” when you get pulled over.  The state needs revenue and people are driving fast so that the police are just issuing citations. Most of the people calling our office over the last two weeks were alleged to have been driving over 80 mph.   Remember over 85 mph is reckless driving per se in Connecticut and a criminal offense.

Never Plead Guilty to a Speeding Ticket or Pay the Fine by Mail or Online 

Although the ticket says on the back that paying the ticket will not give you any points it still counts as a conviction on your permanent driving record and as a result your insurance rates will go up for 3 years.  A single speeding ticket can wind up costing you hundreds of dollars in increased insurance premiums.  Also, if you get a few tickets the DMV can suspend your license so it is always best to fight each and every ticket.  You have nothing to lose to fight the ticket, the worst thing that can happen is that you will be found guilty and pay the fine.

Don’t Use the On-Line Ticket Review Option 

Connecticut implemented an on-line ticket review option about a year ago.  It is not a good idea to try and use the on-line system to fight your speeding ticket.  First, in most cases the state’s attorney will only offer you a reduction in the amount of the fine and that will not help you will your driving record or insurance rates. Secondly, whatever you send in online is an admission that will be used against you and most of my clients make admissions that they were speeding when they try to fight tickets online.  The best procedure is just to wait for your court date and speak to a state’s attorney in person and try to get the ticket reduced down to a non-moving violation.

Let Us Take Care of Your Speeding Ticket for You!

With over 28 of experience in fighting speeding tickets Attorney Friedman will take care of the entire process for you.  You don’t even need to take a day off of work.  While we can’t guarantee any particular result in your case, our clients have given us dozens of five-star reviews for obtaining excellent results in their speeding ticket cases.  Our rates are reasonable and we work on a low flat fee basis.  Give us a call today at (203) 357-5555 for a free case evaluation and we will let you know how we can make your speeding ticket problems go away.

Stay healthy, be strong and have a safe summer



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