Compassionate Criminal Defense Attorney Serving the Fairfield County Area for Over 25 Years
Compassionate Criminal Defense Attorney Serving the Fairfield County Area for Over 25 Years
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I wanted  to have a discussion about the dangers of “date rape” allegations and how they can totally destroy your life.  This recent incident in which a live TV set was the scene of a “date rape” allegation shows us just how difficult it can be to draw the line between a mutually agreed upon sexual encounter on the one hand and a “date rape” in which one party was “too intoxicated” to be able to consent to sexual activity on the other hand.  It is important to realize just how fine that line is, how hard it can be to prove whether someone was overly intoxicated or not and finally realize how serious the consequences for a conviction of a “date rape” crime can be.


I. The Facts  During a recent taping of the 4th season of the very popular scripted virtual reality show “Bachelor in Paradise” being taped in Mexico two of the participants in the show Corrine Olympios and Demario Jackson  got involved in some very heavy PDA and began to engage in a  make out session in a Jacuzzi.

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court-1-300x225The purpose of this article is to examine the circumstances of the recent Tiger Woods’s DWI arrest and see what lessons it can teach us about how to react when pulled over for a DUI/DWI stop in Connecticut.

I am sure that by now almost everyone has seen the Police dash cam footage of the world famous golfer Tiger Woods fumbling around trying to recite the alphabet      This was a huge embarrassment for Tiger Woods but it can really teach us a lot of things about how to react if you are pulled over for a DUI/DWI by Connecticut Police.    Certainly, if Tiger Woods had known his Constitutional Rights better he would have not only saved himself a lot of humiliation but he may have also been able to beat the charge of DWI as well.

Lesson Number 1 – You have the Right to Remain Silent! 

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Attorney Allan F. Friedman
The purpose of this Guide is to explain how ICE  detainers work and how they impact the rights and cases of those charged with criminal cases in Connecticut.


ICE detainers are issued every day in Connecticut yet many lawyers and even Police officers do not understand exactly how they are supposed to function and how they work.   This leads to a lot of confusion.   An ICE detainer is a legal document issued by INS or DHS officer and served upon a jail or police station to request that the jail or police detain and hold the individual who are in law enforcement custody or jail who they feel may be possibly subject to deportation.   It is a REQUEST to hold that person.  The Police Department or Jail does not have to honor the request, but in Connecticut they do.